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Michael Naatz, M.A., BCaBA
(Certificant 0-16-7006) Michael Naatz

Michael was first introduced to working with people with disabilities as a driver completing his German national service time. His experiences convinced him to pursue sociology at the University of Bayreuth and the University of Mainz where he received A Master's of Arts degree (M.A.). During his studies, Michael worked at a senior citizen's residential facility, helping the elderly and disabled with their daily living needs. From 2006 to 2008 Michael completed training to become a non-medical practitioner and began self-employment working with individuals with Autism. This opportunity allowed him a wide range of experiences including working with a 17 year old diagnosed with Autism in a special education school setting and working as an integration helper for a 7 year old with autism in a regular school classroom. The latter child was supported by Knospe-ABA and Michael began training as a co-therapist in our approach to ABA/VB in 2009. Due to his many experiences and excellent report with the Knospe-ABA child and family he was assigned, Michael was hired and trained to work as a consultant in the summer of 2011. During training, Michael had the occasion to travel with and learn from nine of Knospe-ABA's consultants working with over 50 different children with Autism and related disorders. He studied ABA training materials from the US and spent time developing programming and recommendations under the watchful eye of Robert Schramm. In addition to Knospe-ABA workshops Michael has also benefitted from the 3-day workshop of Dr. Vince Carbone "Teaching Verbal Behavior to Children with Autism and Related Disorders" in November 2011 in Zurich. In spring 2013 Michael participated in Dr. Vince Carbone's Verbal Behavior workshop in Rome. In November 2014 Michael participated in the workshop "Using Applied Behavior Analysis and Verbal Behavior Strategies to Improve Autism Programming for both Toddlers and Teens with Autism", presented by Mary Barbera, PhD, RN, BCBA-D in Cologne, and in 2017 he attended Laura Ferguson's workshop "Teaching Communication and Social Skills to Children with Autism and Developmental Disabilities". Michael completed his training and began working as a consultant in the North Rhine – Westphalia area in the Early Spring of 2012. From 2013 till 2015 Michael completed the BACB approved coursework on ABA from the IFKV ( in Bad Dürkheim in cooperation with the University of North Texas (UNT). Michael passed his BCaBA (Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst) exam in March of 2016.



Anna Drabo, B.A. Pädagogik und SoziologieAnna Drabo

Anna finished her bachelor degree in the field of pedagogy and sociology in 2015 at the Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nürnberg. During her studies she worked in a day hospital for six weeks with young children and teens in Krefeld. There she discovered her passion in working with children with disabilities. For two years, during her studies, Anna worked as a tutor for a family being served by Knospe-ABA. This is where her passion for ABA and Verbal Behavior developed. In fact, Anna wrote her Examination on ABA. Besides she decided to write her exam about this issue and to improve her own knowledge in this field. In October 2014 Anna started the trainee program and was able to work with about 50 children and teens that have been diagnosed with ASD and other diagnosis as well. Under the supervision of Robert Schramm, MA, BCBA and the rest of the Knospe-ABA team, Anna learned how to analyse comportments and behavior and how to develop individual progress programs and support schools and kindergartens. In addition to the Knospe-ABA training and workshops, Anna also participated in the workshop “Using Applied Behavior Analysis and Verbal Behavior Strategies to improve autism programming for both Toddlers and Teens with Autism” held by Dr, Mary Barbara, RN, BCBA-D in Cologne in November 2014. Anna started working with her own families in April of 2015 in northern Germany.


Julia Siekmann, M.A. Clinical CaseworkJulia Siekmann

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Elif Tuncer, B.A. PsychologieJulia Siekmann

Elif, born in Turkey and raised in the United States, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Psychology from Montclair State University in Montclair, New Jersey in January 2012. Shortly after her studies, she started working as an ABA instructor at an early intervention center in New York for 14 months with young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and PDD-NOS ages 1-4. She gained an extensive experience implementing ABA strategies, assisted in developing behavior plans, task analyses, creating social stories, instructional programs collecting and recording data. After 6 months of starting her position, she was promoted to be an ABA staff trainer and started training incoming staff on ABA methodologies and general knowledge on developmental disabilities. She is competent with conducting, scoring and evaluating assessments such as VB-MAPP, ABLLS, Bayley-III, CARS2, PSI and PNM. Alongside her work as an ABA instructor and staff trainer, Elif also worked as a research analyst at a non-profit research organization in New York. She conducted ongoing assessments on children through classroom observations. She used different psychological and statistical data analysis software as well as techniques to create reports, graph results and identify trends in the research. In addition, she analyzed research articles and developed literature reviews. After moving to Europe to expand her professional horizons, she discovered Knospe-ABA GmbH and participated in the workshops presented by Robert Schramm, M.A., BCBA. In fall of 2016, Elif started her intensive training as an ABA/VB consultant with Knospe-ABA, traveling with many consultants, supporting a number of families across Germany. Elif completed her coursework to be a BCaBA from Florida Institute of Technology ABA Online Program and was awarded a certificate of Achievement. She is currently completing the supervision hours to take the BACB examination in 2018. Elif is supporting the education of children with autism spectrum and related disorders in Southern Germany.


Carolin Bäcker, Sozialarbeiterin/Sozialpädagogin, B.A.Carolin Zottnick

Carolin received her first experiences with a child of Autistic Spectrum Disorder in 2007 when she worked as an “au pair” in the United States of America. In this role, she learned about implementing Applied Behavior Analysis. This experience motivated Carolin’s interest in wanting to work in a therapeutic context with children with disabilities upon her return to Germany. In 2008 she began her apprenticeship as an Occupational Therapist. After passing her exam she worked in a paediatric institution near Frankfurt called Praxis für Ergotherapie Kratz-Heinzig and supported the education of children with various disabilities and behavior concerns. In addition to her main job she also began working as an ABA/VB in-home one-to-one behavior technician for a boy with Autism. In 2012 Carolin began her studies toward a Bachelors degree in Social Work at the University of Applied Science in Darmstadt. Once again she used this period to extend her experience with ABA by also working as a tutor. But this time, she experienced working in a school setting. After three years of study Carolin got her BA in Social Work. She entered her profession in a centre for autism therapy and counselling in 2015, but found the non-ABA based Autism approach used at the time to be less effective than she was hoping to be involved with. In January 2016 she started her training with Knospe-ABA to become an ABA/VB consultant and attended the ABA/VB introductory course presented by Robert in March 2016. Carolin worked with approximately 50 children with Autism and 10 Knospe-ABA consultants during her training. She joined our team as a consultant in the summer of 2016, but is currently in parent time.


Karen Reif, M.Sc. PsychologyKaren Reif

Karen graduated with a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Psychology from the University of Copenhagen in December of 2014. While studying, Karen started working as an in-home one-to-one ABA tutor with a child with autism in January 2011, adding a second child to her workload in 2012. Additionally, she worked as a pedagogical support aide in an integrative Kindergarten. In 2013 and 2014, Karen was a group leader for a parents-group (parents of children with disabilities) in Høje Taastrup Kommune, Denmark. Leading that group, Karen’s understanding of the benefits of ABA-treatment compared to other common treatment methods grew, fueling her desire to work in the field of ABA. In June 2013 Karen began working as an ABA consultant in Copenhagen for a Norwegian ABA consulting service, initially founded by Dr. Lovaas. Karen was responsible for developing ABA-based individual support programs for children with a diagnosis on the autism spectrum. She worked with children of many different levels of ability and challenges, such as the development of verbal behavior, the treatment of anxiety, potty-training, as well as social, motor and cognitive education. In addition to program development, Karen supervised the children’s parents and tutors and monitored and evaluated the progress. She is well versed conducting intelligence testing having training and experience administering the WPPSI and WISC. Furthermore, she studied the latest ABA-literature and took part in different educational conventions concerning ABA including the annual convention of the Association for Behavioral Analysis International in the USA since 2014. Here she has participated in several workshops and tutorials. Among others, in 2014, she participated in Mickey Keenan’s workshops in Denmark concerning the ethical demands for professionals, implementing ABA in home-training, as well as “The Shaping Game” which was about strengthening behavior which is not already in the persons’ repertoire. Additionally, she received a training in the implementation of PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) organized by the Children’s Center of Copenhagen. At ABA-International Convention in 2014, she saw Robert Schramm, MA, BCBA give his talk on Developing Learner Cooperation with Verbal Behavior through the seven steps to earning instructional control. In 2015 she was able to explore the work of Dr. Douglas Greer and his colleagues. In 2016 she participated on the workshops of Robert Schramm concerning Motivating Learner Participation: An alternative to traditional escape extinction and Lin Du, Susan Buttigieg & Douglas Greer concerning Verbal Behavior Development Protocols from Imitation to Naming. Stationed in Lübeck, Karen covers the North-East of Germany and works with families in Denmark.


Henriette Brandtberg, M.Sc. PsychologyHenriette Nielsen

Henriette graduated with a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Psychology from the University of Copenhagen in December 2014. She has several years of experience working with children, young people and families. While studying, she was a volunteer at the “Youth On Line Project” of Danish Red Cross Youth from October 2010 – May 2013. She was leading a parents-group (parents with children with disabilities) in Høje Taastrup Kommune, Denmark from June 2013 – June 14. She also was an intern at Frederiksberg Family and Youth Counseling, Denmark (Fall 2013). Henriette first gained knowledge of ABA while working as an in-home one-on-one ABA tutor with a child with autism in July 2010. Appreciating the development ABA afforded, she began working with two additional children with Autism utilizing ABA as well as working as a pedagogical support aide for these children in their integrative Kindergartens (in the period of 2011-2014). By June 2013 Henriette started as a Danish consultant for a Norwegian company, originally founded by Dr. Ivar Lovaas. She was charged with developing individualized ABA-based support programs for children with a diagnosis on the autism spectrum. During her time there she worked with children on all points of the spectrum offering many different challenges. As a consultant, Henriette worked to develop verbal behavior, as well as social, motor and cognitive abilities. She has experience with potty training and working with children who exhibit anxiety. With the desire to learn more, Henriette studied the latest ABA-literature and since 2014 attended conventions concerning ABA, including the annual convention of the Association for Behavioral Analysis International (ABAI) in the US. This has allowed her to participate in many workshops and lectures, including a training in the implementation PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) organized by the Children’s Center of Copenhagen and Dr. Mickey Keenan’s workshops in Denmark in 2014, concerning the ethical demands for professionals, implementing ABA in home-training and “The Shaping Game”, which was about strengthening behavior which is not already in the persons’ repertoire. At ABAI she focused on the latest research on implementing ABA for children with autism and saw Robert Schramm, MA, BCBA, give his talk on Developing Learner Cooperation with VB through “The Seven Steps to Earning Instructional Control.” In 2015, she focused on exploring the work of Dr. Douglas Greer and his colleagues and in 2016 she participated in the ABAI workshop presented by Robert Schramm, MA, BCBA, concerning Motivating Learner Participation: An Alternative to Traditional Escape Extinction, as well as the workshop on “Following a Safer and More Efficient Functional Analysis and Treatment Model” by Dr. Joshua Jessel and his colleagues. Henriette is working in the area of Nordrhein-Westfalen as well as in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Katja Keane, M.Sc. ABAKatja Keane

Katja graduated from the Irish College for Humanities and Applied Science in Limerick, Irland, as a counsellor/psychotherapist and worked for many years in one of Ireland’s leading mental health charities. In this role, she offers psychological support, developed workshop programs for students, and delivered these workshops in schools. She has also presented a course on "Counseling Skills and Practice" at the National University of Ireland, Galway. Through raising her own child with Autism, and inspired by her love for teaching, Katja became more interested in methods designed to specifically help families who have a child with ASD. This brought her to study ABA at the National University of Ireland, Galway from which she graduated with a MSc in 2016. During her studies, Katja worked at the Red Hill School for children with Autism in Limerick, where she trained with the resident Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Her work in the school was mainly focused on the assessment of behavior, the development of behavior support plans, and overseeing their implementation by the teachers. There, Katja was exposed to many different children with a range of abilities and challenges, such as stereotypical behavior, social interaction, and cognitive development deficits. Katja also developed and implemented an 8-week long intervention for two classes in the school, teaching children about awareness of inner sensations, feelings, acceptance and mindfulness. Since finishing her studies Katja has worked as a home tutor in Ireland under BCBA supervision, where she learned about the ABA/VB approach of Robert Schramm. Katja has worked as a one-on-one tutor with two children in their home setting with a focus on verbal behavior. As a native German, Katja is now returning to Germany and will join Knospe-ABA’s team of talented consultants to continue her development in Robert’s ABA/VB approach. She will be supporting families with their kids with autism in middle Germany, incl. the Frankfurt Main area.


Nadine Schramm (maiden name Knospe)
Nadine Knospe

Nadine came to the world of Autism as a caregiver. Not as a student of ABA, but as a person who wanted to help children with autism live better lives. She found her first job working for Portia Iverson's Son, Dov. Portia and her husband founded the Group "Cure Autism Now" (now "Autism Speaks"), which is one of the largest Autism fundraising and research organizations in America. It was through working with Dov that Nadine was first introduced to ABA. She was trained as a home based therapist where she used different methods of ABA, TEACCH, and PECS. Later, Nadine began supporting the education of Garrett, a boy with autism and fraX- syndrome. Garrett was in the early stages of his Lovaas guided ABA program. Although Dr. Lovaas himself did not work directly with Garrett, it was his LIFE institute that oversaw Garrett's program and trained Nadine. Next to her work as an ABA therapist with Garrett in the home, Nadine worked with him as a one-to-one aid at the kindergarten as well as in his 1st grade elementary chool classroom in Los Angeles. She was trained after the latest Lovaas techniques from 1999-2003 and participated in a PECS workshop, presented by Lori Frost & Andy Bondy. Later in 2003 she added workshop trainings in Verbal Behavior with Dr. James Partington to her already extensive resume. In October 2006 Nadine participated in the workshop # 5 "Teaching Verbal Behavior in a Classroom Setting" of the Dr. Vince Carbone Clinic in New York and in November of the same year, she participated in the international autism congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In April of 2007 Nadine added a four day advanced workshop presented by Holly Kibbe, BCBA and Cherish Twigg, BCBA of Establishing Operations Inc. in London, UK and in May she went to the ABA convention in San Diego, USA, and participated in the workshop "How to Train Caregivers in Functional Behavior Assessment and Treatment Development", presented by Julia T. O'Connor of the Krieger Institute and the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, followed by a participation in the autism congress in Santa Fe, Argentina in October of 2007. Additionally, i
n November of 2008, Nadine participated in a one-day Motor Speech Workshop by Elizabeth Kuegeler, MA, CCC-SLP, PROMPT Certified Instructor. In November 2014 Nadine participated in the workshop "Using Applied Behavior Analysis and Verbal Behavior Strategies to Improve Autism Programming for both Toddlers and Teens with Autism", presented by Mary Barbera, PhD, RN, BCBA-D in Cologne. After 6 years of European wide activity as an ABA/VB Consultant, Nadine now leads the office and consultant team after the birth of her two daughters.