"Letter from a former Knospe-ABA family"


Dear Mrs. Schramm,

On 11/19/2009, exactly 10 (!) years ago, Mrs. Müller was for the first time in our home and we started with ABA/VB!
Within those 10 years a lot happened!

I attached an up to date photo of my son, which is also showing his older brother.

Alexander is now going to 4th grade to a regular school. I’m still working with him quiet a lot, but he is bringing moderate to good grades home… He becomes more and more independent, homes chores he is doing all by himself.

He is well integrated in his classroom and a welcome member of the class community, he has a “best friend” and just told me recently, that his kids are going to join this school as well ;-)

19 kids from his class attended his birthday party (everyone who was invited) and it was great to see, how he is a part of the class.

He has some weaknesses: we went to the movies last week with a girl he admires - there he sits next to her and does not know what to say (although he was looking forward to this "date" for weeks...).

The therapy has profoundly changed Alexander's life for the better and I often and with great gratitude think of you and the valuable contribution you have made to it! I am truly grateful to you.

I hope you and your dear family are well. If you make your way to Vienna, it would be a great pleasure to see you!

All the best,

Dr. G.S.